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The Homestead Farm 


Contributed by Twiggy on 17th May 2012

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Lat: 53.148 Lng: -1.99 / OS:

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Oakamoor (10.6 miles)
under mam tor (15.9 miles)
Unthank (19.7 miles)
Snake Pass (19.8 miles)
Derwent A57 (20.9 miles)

Very basic but very cheap site on a slight incline towards the entrance. Toilets and water tap are a 5+ minute walk down the lane to the farmhouse - it's basically just a field but the wildness is it's charm. Great tea room across the road serving Staffordshire Oatcakes/full english combo for breakfast...

Short walk to the excellent Roaches and Hen cloud gritstone climbing from where the photo was taken (campsite shares the same beautiful view).


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