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Spring Hill 


Contributed by Jack on 15th March 2011

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Lat: 51.753 Lng: -2.313 / OS: SO78380611

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Culvar Hill (5.3 miles)
Severn Bore Pitch (6.9 miles)
Coopers Hill (8.5 miles)
Buckholt Road Rest (9.2 miles)
Birdlip (10.8 miles)

Perfect place to pitch your van up for the night, right by a well-kept canal. There are picnic benches and during the day the Alfresco's snack van is parked up (jumbo bacon roll recommended!). If you need to use toilets then there's a service station on the other side of the big roundabout, plus a Little Chef if you're too tired to cook for yourself.


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