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Severn Bore Pitch 


Contributed by northcave on 12th August 2010

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Lat: 51.816 Lng: -2.437 / OS:

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Spring Hill (6.9 miles)
Coopers Hill (11.9 miles)
Culvar Hill (12.2 miles)
Buckholt Road Rest (13.2 miles)
An Early Start For Climbers (14.2 miles)

We came down to Broadoak to surf the Severn Bore and we were told that the owner of this field is happy to let people camp on his field in small groups (on the right just before the bridge as you go north on the A48).

I would say this is very generous so please ensure you keep the noise down and take any rubbish away with you. I'm unsure if the owner is a surfer himself and is happy for it to be used only on Bore days or whether he is happy for it to be used all year. Anyway you have to climb over a fence to get in the field so be careful not to damage it and also it might be an idea to park your car at the Pub rather than blocking the road.


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