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River Pool 


Contributed by kara on 31st August 2011

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Lat: 51.955 Lng: -3.095 / OS:

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Grwyne Fawr Reservoir (1.4 miles)
Black Hill (3.4 miles)
Lord Herefords knob - Tent (3.8 miles)
Lord Herefords Knob (4 miles)
Hay Bluff (4.9 miles)

This lay-by is great for campervans, whether it be a day out or a couple of nights. The area tends to get busy with people out for a Sunday walk, but it was generally quiet through the nights and early mornings. Situated next to the little river and nice trails can be found around the Black Mountains and the Grwyne Fawr Reservoir.

There's a great deep(ish) pool in the river that you can jump into too - if you're feeling brave!

Just be a responsible camper and don't leave your rubbish behind...even when a lot of other day visitors seem to have.


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