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Navy Range Helipad 


Contributed by northcave on 31st March 2014

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Lat: 51.201 Lng: -3.202 / OS:

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Bredon Hill Burrow (11.4 miles)
Dunkery Beacon (16.1 miles)
Sand Point (16.4 miles)
Sand Point Carpark (16.6 miles)

You have to approach this site via Kilton rather than via Sea Lane at Kilve. Its about 5 min drive off the main A39 only. Take the road signposted for the farm on Cross Elms Hill and then just drive around it on the gravel road.

There are no private property signs so you should be good to go and you don't drive onto the farm house land.

It is super secluded and lovely views over the River Severn. Only spoiled a little by a pile of rubble on the side and the big Navy Tower.

Ground is hard and flat for at least two vans.


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