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Mount Talamitam Summit 


Contributed by visage on 7th August 2010

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Lat: 14.105 Lng: 120.753 / OS:

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Sunset Rock Bivvy (153.5 miles)
Boeng Thom Angkep beach (1182.4 miles)
Phsar Ream beach (1182.6 miles)
Otres Beach, Sihanoukville (1185.7 miles)
Crab Point, Koh Russei Island (1186.4 miles)

A pretty easy 2.5-hour hike, the mountaintop is only about 400m above sea level. This little jewel of a place is best experienced during the sunrise. The top is relatively flat, albeit some parts are full of tall grass, it is cleared occasionally by farmers that till the land below.

Be prepared for a star-studded sky and an amazing sunrise. Perfect for a day or two, hikes and walks across the ridges lend some lovely views.

There is a car park and a watchman at the foot of the hike, only a small fee is required.


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