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Hay Bluff 


Contributed by northcave on 18th June 2013

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Lat: 52.025 Lng: -3.11 / OS:

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Lord Herefords Knob (1.4 miles)
Lord Herefords knob - Tent (1.5 miles)
Hay-on-Wye (3.4 miles)
Grwyne Fawr Reservoir (3.8 miles)
Black Hill (3.9 miles)

We stay here when paragliding but its a great spot to camp regardless and has the benefit that it is West facing so it gets a great sunset! Lots of little lay-bys to park a van and even pitch a tent. Try and take the tent down early and erect late so it doesn't cause too much concern for others.

You'd think it would get boy racers on a weekend but it doesn't. the nearest town is quite well to do so it doesn't really attract trouble at night.


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