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Grwyne Fawr Reservoir 


Contributed by kara on 31st August 2011

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Lat: 51.97 Lng: -3.118 / OS:

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River Pool (1.4 miles)
Lord Herefords knob - Tent (2.5 miles)
Lord Herefords Knob (2.7 miles)
Black Hill (3.7 miles)
Hay Bluff (3.8 miles)

A lovely dip in the land, surrounded by evergreens with an obvious location for a fire pit. Ideal for small group camping (there were no obvious signs saying no camping, but we're not entirely sure of this). It's definitely a great place to have a summer (or winter!) barbecue, and if you're lucky enough to carry in and put up your tents discreetly (i.e. probably not the best thing to do on a weekend) you might just have a great free campsite to enjoy.



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