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Freedom Bivvy on Cliff Edge 


Contributed by kara on 8th April 2011

Avg 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews  

Lat: 51.66 Lng: -2.665 / OS:

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An Early Start For Climbers (0.5 miles)
Lunchtime Ledge (13.7 miles)
Severn Bore Pitch (14.6 miles)
Spring Hill (16.4 miles)
Culvar Hill (19.8 miles)

Wye Valley is popular for climbers, with hundreds of climbs to choose from, it is the perfect place for a day trip or a night's bivvy. This cliff side is looking towards the west, great views of the sunset and a small rock formation to the left of the site forms good shelter. It's not hidden away or anything, and it is visible from the footpath, but it's a good place to be on a weeknight when the Valley is quiet.

Probably would rate this as good as a stop-over, the walk from the road is only about 5 minutes away but it feels secluded enough! Just watch that climbers won't have to top-out where you've set up camp!


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