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Cowley Corner 


Contributed by Tim on 23rd July 2011

Avg 2/5 based on 2 reviews  

Lat: 51.821 Lng: -2.07 / OS:

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Birdlip (1.7 miles)
Buckholt Road Rest (2.4 miles)
Coopers Hill (3.8 miles)
Cotswolds Camping at Far Peak (9 miles)
Culvar Hill (9.7 miles)

A small patch of grass on a single track road next to a field. Large enough to pull up a camper van but I wouldn't pitch a tent here as it might annoy locals. They seemed fine with us staying in the van though a waved to us as they passed. Road was fairly quiet for a Saturday afternoon. There are some public footpaths to walk, pretty good views.


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