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Coe Carpark 


Contributed by JEANNINE on 27th April 2014

Avg 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews  

Lat: 56.662 Lng: -5.056 / OS:

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Boof Drop (5.4 miles)
Glen Etive (5.7 miles)
Etive Passing Spot (6.7 miles)
Loch Etive bliss (6.8 miles)
Kings House Glencoe (8.2 miles)

Right in the middle of Glencoe, you are immersed in the Scottish landscape with mountains enclosing you on all sides. Very close to Signal Rock and An Torr for example, it's a prime base for climbing- Or with the Etive just a short drive away, kayaking as well.

The carpark is the beginning of a Forest Walk so the entrance is well marked (I'm not sure of the name however). It is worth being aware that apparently it may sometimes be locked, but we had no trouble arriving in the middle of the night during Easter with only one other van sharing the site. Individual parking areas gives more privacy that you could wish for, and is based next to the Coe river for running water.


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