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Carreglwyd Campsite 


Contributed by visage on 16th August 2010

Avg 3/5 based on 1 review  

Lat: 51.545 Lng: -4.212 / OS:

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Llangennith Campsite (4.8 miles)
Southgate Cliff (5.7 miles)
porthcawl seafront (22.4 miles)
Trefalen Farm Campsite (31 miles)
Slebech Island (32.3 miles)

Carreglwyd is a huge campsite situated next to the sea. Great access to climbing areas around Port Eynon and Rhossili. The people running the site do not really like large groups, so it's best to check in as a group of 3-5 people. We paid 10 per person, per night, and no extra for the car (August). It's more of a family campsite, so partying is frowned upon. Partying on the beach is possible though.

There are loads of areas to pitch in, though some of the ground is on a minor incline.

Beyond the site is a small beach that is great for bonfires, stargazing, and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. As a campsite, I'd give it a 3.5*, its facilities are good but the toilets are quite far from the beach-end. Check their website for the opening / check in times and curfews.


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