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Bredon Hill Burrow 


Contributed by Tim on 22nd July 2015

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Lat: 51.1 Lng: -3.41 / OS:

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Dunkery Beacon (8.3 miles)
Navy Range Helipad (11.4 miles)
Sand Point (27.6 miles)
Sand Point Carpark (27.7 miles)

This is a long ditch that might have been a rail line or moat at some point. It is off the beaten track and you could pitch a tent in there away easily and be hidden away. There is a walking track on one side but can't see that being an issue. We spotted it whilst cycle touring but it was mid day so a little early to camp out.

I gave it 4 stars as I recon it would be really quite and totally out of the way of onlookers.


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