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Contributed by Jack on 15th March 2011

Avg 3.5/5 based on 3 reviews  

Lat: 51.837 Lng: -2.101 / OS: SO93021542

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Buckholt Road Rest (1.6 miles)
Cowley Corner (1.7 miles)
Coopers Hill (2.5 miles)
Culvar Hill (9.9 miles)
Cotswolds Camping at Far Peak (10.4 miles)

Good spot to park your van up overnight, in the heart of the countryside. Not too far from the M5, so ideal if you're heading to the Malverns, etc. Not far from a nice village where you can find a pint and some food if you want, and there's a bit of space if you've a dog to let out for a run.

The view is amazing from here and many people park up for the sunset. The height restriction bars have been removed and there are no signs to suggest to disallow overnight stays.


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