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An Early Start For Climbers 


Contributed by northcave on 10th February 2011

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Lat: 51.667 Lng: -2.667 / OS:

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Freedom Bivvy on Cliff Edge (0.5 miles)
Lunchtime Ledge (14.2 miles)
Severn Bore Pitch (14.2 miles)
Spring Hill (16.3 miles)
Culvar Hill (19.8 miles)

This is a little clearing up a quiet road near the cliffs of the Wye Valley. It is a perfect spot to stay at if you plan to get up early and go walking or climbing before the masses come! People actually use it for parking but on the right it is grassed and fine for a tent or two. We didn't get any hassle at night but I would recommend packing up your tent whilst you away climbing or whatever. The marker is exactly where the clearing is and a good 400yard past the last house in the lane.


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