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UNIQLO Premium (Light) Down Jacket

RRP 55


Fill Power: approx. 640
Weight: 340g - 365g
Pouch included.

For the best insulation, we only use high quality down with remarkable elasticity and insulation characteristics. Down is measured in terms of fill power, and a measurement of 550 is considered an efficient insulator. With a fill power of 640, our down is an exceptional insulator. Every down product is made with a mixture of pure down and feathers. We ensure that this product's down content is at least 90% for added softness and warmth. Due to the characteristics of down, some material may poke through the product. If this happens it is better to push it back in (pull from the other side) rather than pull it out.

This fabric has been treated with special coating to make it water-repellent. This treatment does not alter the original characteristics of the fabric.

When we spotted this on sale at UNIQLO, there was no question about it - we loved the fact this source of insulation packed up into a little matching bag of its own. Weighing between 340g-365g (depending on mens or ladies) it was a welcome addition to outer layers. Brightly coloured and well-designed, it's a great choice for keeping warm while belaying in multi-pitched climbs during the cooler months.

Both mens and ladies have nice, deep hoods, elastic around the wrists, and can fully zip up. The mens have zipped pockets, while the ladies don't, this feature would have been useful.

When not in use, it will pack up into almost nothing. Although the material is water-repellent, it is not water proof. The great thing about this product is that it is relatively quick-drying. Ours have been hand-washed in the bath, hanged, and dried overnight.

We recommend using this on top of a base layer or two, and underneath a waterproof in wet weather.

Jack on 6th April 2011

Indeed an excellent piece of kit. I keep mine in my rucksack in winter as an emergency insulation layer, and the other week in Scotland was very glad I'd brought it along.

John2 on 20th April 2013

Don't make the mistake of buying it. I bought this for the same reason that it is light and able to keep warm. But regret it so much. Indeed it is able to keep warm but not too much because the material is very thin (that's why it's light). And with the thin material there's another issue, the 'leaking' of the down feathers!!!! The layers that I wore beneath this is soiled with thin feathers that is almost impossible to get rid of. It's ALL over the base layer, and beware where you pack this thing, it could get those small feathers on to shirts and stuff in your luggage if not pack carefully. Don't make the mistake. But one with thicker material or those that do not use down feathers.
Here's the pics of how it spoiled my jacket. The feathers can't be brushed away, the have to be picked one by one!!!!
I used to like their product. This one really piss me off.

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