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Exped Fold Drybag



Various sizes and prices from tiny ones suitable for a mobile phone to 20+ litre rucksack liners.

The Exped Fold Drybags are an excellent lightweight and waterproof option for storing valuables and essentials away from the rain. Perfect for using inside your pack to organise and protect your kit.

As you can see from the photo, I have invested in quite a few of these! They're amazing, and very handy for packaging stuff up in your bag. For example I use one for cables and electronic accessories, another for my wash-kit, and both my camera and laptop use them. The larger ones can be used as rucksack liners. Ok, so they won't survive being totally submerged, but otherwise they're great, and good value with it.

TomL on 17th April 2012

I've been using these for kayaking purposes since around 2007, and I've never been disappointed with them. They're a reasonably cheap and very good quality lightweight product.

kara on 2nd July 2013

I can't go anywhere outdoors without these awesome dry bags! Used the mega-sized one for storing my food and loose things on my kayaking trip. Worked a charm, but the fabric on it was a bit too thin.

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