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wannabe wild camper

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Quiet Mike

Quiet Mike  (116)
Rookie Camper


Hi, my name is Mike and I've got a beat up old kombi. I'd like to wild camp more, especially after staying at Calgary Bay in Mull for a few idyllic days in 2010. Very envious of Scotlands wild camping rules from down here in Southampton! Only wild camped a couple of times here in England. Best was for the Tour de France stage that came through Kent a few years ago!

Oh, and I edit the Split Screen Van Club magazine in my spare time, and love printing stories of peoples adventures traveling in their buses!

Quiet Mike

Quiet Mike  (116)
Rookie Camper


How do I add photos?

Here's a link to a flickr set, that shows what I like about campers -



kara  (2393)
Splendid Camper


Hey Mike!

We're waking up from our sleepy phase, we run this site during our spare time and don't really get much spare time these days! Do you have Facebook or Twitter? We've started sharing lots of stuff there with our followers, but have more on this site. Have you figured our how to work the site?

Maybe you could contribute an article or two and we will publish them here and send a link to our sites. We are currently going for a few days wild camper banning around the outskirts of Melbourne :-)

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